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debt consolidationOne common concern among adult individuals is the credit card debt each of them has. For some, they are lucky to get out of the misery from accumulating debt and get their head in the management game. However, if you are part of the group who needs help managing their credit card debt, Optimal Debt Solutions is always ready to give valuable expert advice.

Not knowing the amount of credit card debt you have is a sign of poor debt management. Although this is a fairly common struggle, it is not something to be complacent about. Acquiring help in managing your card debt is essential if you want to live a financially stable and worry-free life. Working with us is the first step to do this.

In Optimal Debt Solutions, we have expert card debt managers who will assist you in taking control of your debt payments. Our knowledge and years of experience—as well as our commitment to achieving better financial status for our clients—make us your best choice of Glennie card debt manager.

Contact Optimal Debt Solutions at (313) 488-3144 for a free initial consultation with an expert credit card debt manager now.

Ways to Manage Credit Card Debt

The practical warepaired piggy bank- debt relief helpys you can take to manage your credit card debt can be boiled down to paying your bills on time, paying more than the minimum required amount, improving your spending habits, and negotiating for lower interest rates.

The following list will now show a deeper look at the strategies you can employ for effective management of credit card debt.

1. Learn the responsible usage of credit cards. Knowing how to handle your credit card properly will go a long way in managing your card debts. It is the first thing that you should focus on.

With the responsible use of your credit card, you can build a good credit history, earn reward points, and use a more secure form of payment.

2. Know your budget. Your budget will determine how you’ll manage your money by monitoring every dollar you earn and spend. Having a budget is beneficial to have a clear vision of your financial status. It will show you how much extra money you have or how lacking your budget is.

In the proper management of your credit card debt, knowing your budget will play an important role. It will help you identify your ability to pay your bills on time, as well as the extra cash you can put towards paying off your debts.

3. Pay more than the minimum required amount. If you continue paying only the minimum monthly payment, you’ll end up paying more money over time. This is because your credit card balance will accrue interest daily. However, if you pay off the full balance on the due date, no interest will be charged on you.

4. Learn and understand your credit utilization rate. This is the between how much revolving credit you have and how much you have available. This rate will have a big part in determining your credit score.

Lower credit utilization rate is an indicator that your credit cards aren’t maxed out. This means you have good management of your credit card debts. Higher credit utilization rate, on the other hand, indicates poor spending habits. It reflects higher amounts of card debts.

If your credit utilization rate is above 30%, prioritize lowering that. It will consequently decrease your debt and increase your credit score.

debt relief specialists5. Practice good spending habits. Spending more than you’re earning is never a good way to handle money. You have to shift your behavior to be more budget-friendly.

To start saving money, you can try buying from sales, using coupons, and practicing general ways of frugal living. The money you will save will then be put towards clearing your debts.

If your changed spending habits will effectively resolve your card debt problems, do not stop and leave it at being a temporary solution. Continue to practice it to have lasting financial freedom.

6. Check your credit report. This report shows all your past and present credit activity. By reviewing it, you will know every creditor from which you owed some money.

Credit card reports will let lenders see the history of your debt payment. They will refer to it upon deciding whether or not they will loan you money. If they will, these reports will also guide them on determining at what interest rate they will give you the loan.

Since credit card reports greatly affect your ability to get a loan, you should review it and make sure that it is accurate and positive. Keep in mind that credit reports commonly have mistakes. You should be careful that all your personal information is correct and that no debts are incorrectly listed under your name.

7. Deliver on-time bill payments. Late credit card payments will not just negatively affect your credit score; it will also cost you more money than paying on time. Late fees are everyone’s enemies. The money you will use to pay them could instead be used to pay your original debt amount.

To easily guarantee that you can pay on time, automatic online payments can be set up. You can auto-pay through your bank or set up payments with your credit card company. Automatic payments will always help you avoid any late payments and their corresponding fees.

8. Negotiate to get a lower credit card interest rate. Your interest rate will have a big impact on your credit card debt. If you get it lowered, you will save a lot of money over time.

If you pay bills on time and are already a long-time customer, chances are your credit card issuer will be willing to help you lower your interest rate. Although not all of them will, you just have to try and negotiate.

piling up debt9. Employ an effective payment strategy. Proper management of credit card debts involves the definite plan of paying them back. In order to do this, there are three common strategies you can adapt:

a. Snowball method. This method is made famous by Dave Ramsey. The goal is to pay off the smallest debt first. Once it is cleared, you will then ‘snowball’ the money used to pay that debt into the next smallest credit card debt.

b. Avalanche method. This strategy requires you to pay off the debt with the highest interest rate first while continuing your minimum payment for all your other debts.

c. “Do what you can” approach. This is a combination of the snowball and avalanche method. You can use either of the strategies first then switch to another one after a debt is cleared off. The goal is to just do what works best in your current circumstances.

Each of these strategies can work differently for every individual. Be sure to practice what best helps you in getting out of your debts and in reaching your financial goals.

10. Consolidate your debts. Debt consolidation is a helpful way to reduce payments, especially with people who have one or more high-interest rate credit cards.

The debt consolidation process works in a way where you take your high-interest rate credit card and other debts to roll them into one lower payment. Your debts will then be easier to manage. Additionally, you will save money from interest payments over time.

11. Build your emergency fund. Effective proper management of credit card debt involves being prepared for any financial emergency. Setting aside $1000-$2000 will already help to avoid putting future emergency expenses on your credit card. One way to do this is to set up monthly automatic transfers from your checking account to your savings account.

12. Acquire professional help. When it comes to handling finances, you need to be wise and cautious. Although you might think that working with a professional card debt manager defeats the purpose of saving money for clearing debts, it is a wise thing to do.

In Optimal Debt Solutions, our card debt managers will help you identify and use the best strategies to manage your debts effectively. We will evaluate your unique circumstances, offer you possible solutions, and help you make wise financial decisions. We can guarantee a better financial status for you in a long time once you start working with us.

Staying Out of Debt

Debt Settlement ExpertsIf you have successfully left the miserable pit of overwhelming debts, the last thing you want is to go back. The following are some things you can do to help stay out of additional, unnecessary debt.

1. Prioritize your savings. Instead of overspending, make it a habit to pay yourself first by adding to your savings every time you get the chance. This will help you avoid getting into more debts if ever there are some unexpected expenses along the way.

2. Stick to your budget. Do not spend more than you earn. Do not give in to the temptation of buying stuff you only want but don’t need. If you need the purchase, try to find ways to get it at a lower price.

3. Reduce monthly costs. Check your budget and look for expenses you can either reduce or completely cross out.

Best Glennie Card Debt Managers

debt settlement advisorWe, at Optimal Debt Solutions, know how important it is to manage your credit card debt properly. Failure to do so will not just stress you in the present but will also give way for future financial problems. Imagine not getting the loan you need because of a poor credit score. Not good, right?

That is why our card debt managers are offering their invaluable services to you. Well equipped with knowledge and experience, we will help you reach your financial goals. Drowning in card debts is not something we’ll let happen to you. As you work with us, we will help evaluate your current debt status and present solutions that will allow you to manage it well.

We know the ins and outs of financial management. You will access that knowledge, and you can apply it in your card debt management journey. Our goal is to instill in you the principles that will get you out of debt and will help you stay out of them.

Wherever you are in Glennie, our services are readily available. Our card debt managers aim not just to offer a temporary solution for your card debt problems but to provide lifelong financial freedom. If that is what you want, acquire our services today.

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Glennie Credit Card Debt Management optimal logoProper management of credit card debt will take time and careful planning. As you get into it, you will need useful insights that are proven effective by the experts. That is what we are here for.

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