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Houghton Lake Heights Credit Card Debt Relief

piling up debtWhen people face a problem in dealing with their credit card balances, the inability to pay them is not the only major issue. There are ways to relieve yourself of credit card debt. But without professional help, your chances of incurring more financial issues can be higher. Getting into credit card debt relief plans can affect much of a person’s financial life. Unwanted repercussions can occur, such as a massive hit to a person’s credit score and history, or the freezing of your accounts, leaving you with less monetary resources.

But credit card debt can impact not just a person’s financial life, but also their emotional and psychological well-being. Fortunately, this is a situation that our Houghton Lake Heights credit management company knows all too well. Optimal Debt Solutions specializes in this very field—managing debt with compassion, professionalism, and quality. Your credit card debt, along with all the unwanted repercussions that may come along the way, will be taken care of by our more than 265 trained and experienced debt relief experts. We are all you need in Houghton Lake Heights, MI to free you from that credit card debt.

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Credit Card Debt Management

In Optimal Debt Solutions, we believe that there is no one shoe that fits all kinds of credit card debt problems. Our debt management programs are not just effective; they are tailor-made for your situation. This is why our credit card debt relief services can end in your freedom from debt yet begin with a conversation. We want to know your specific situation and what strategy works best for it. To give you a glimpse of how credit card debt is managed, here are a few of the common ways people handle their credit card debts:

Credit Card Debt Consolidation

debt consolidationThe essence of consolidation is to convert the unpaid balance of multiple credit card accounts into one account that typically has a lower interest rate. Credit card debt consolidation brings many advantages to your debt management plan, including lower interest rates and more manageable fixed payments. It is also generally easier to handle a single account than several ones. Ways to consolidate credit card debt include:

1. Transferring the balances of several credit card accounts into one transfer account that has a lower interest rate
2. Applying for an unsecured loan with low interests and using that fund to pay for the balances of the credit cards
3. Getting funds from an equity loan against your home’s value and use that to pay for the credit card accounts

Credit Card Debt Settlement

A settlement is a debt relief plan that involves negotiating modifications to your payment deal with your credit card issuer. This approach allows you to pay your debt at a price lower than the original deal while making sure that the crediting institution doesn’t lose any profit. Ways to do this include:

1. Paying a lump-sum of money. This means a one-time payment that is smaller than the entirety of your debt yet is still big enough to be considered by your creditor as a replacement for your debt.
2. Negotiating a workout agreement. This means settling with modifications to your original payment plan, such as lower interest rates, waiving of minimum payments, or removing late payment fees.
3. Forbearance program. This is similar to a workout agreement, but it is primarily based on the fact that the debtor is experiencing a heavy personal predicament, such as a recent calamity or an illness that renders them unable to pay the debt properly.

Let Us Handle Your Credit Card Debt

Our Houghton Lake Heights credit management company has been in the industry since 2009. And with over 265 well-trained and experienced debt management specialists, we guarantee that our Houghton Lake Heights debt management services are the only ones you need. We understand how stressful and paralyzing it is to handle credit card debts. Optimal Debt Solutions is a trusted, professional, and experienced debt relief institution, and we want to be your partner.

Free Credit Card Debt Relief Consultation

Houghton Lake Heights Credit Card Debt Relief optimal logoFacing grueling credit card debt is a tough one. It is also a situation we are very familiar with. Let’s talk about your situation now, free of charge. Optimal Debt Solutions will be there for you every step of the way out of your debt. Our partnership starts with your call.

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