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Boyne City Debt Consolidation

debt consolidationEvery year, as debt increases for many people, the more responsibilities they take on in life. Some of these new debts can come in forms of student loans, mortgages, and credit card bills. A person’s debt increases as their balances are carried each month with a high interest added to the total amount. Unfortunately, this meant that people are finding themselves more in debt because of the amount they have to pay off each month.

Our Boyne City debt consolidation and settlement experts here at Optimal Debt Solutions understand these financial struggles and know it is important to get it under control. Let our team assist you in reaching financial stability and prevent you from falling into financial troubles. It is our goal to help Boyne City residents to enjoy financial freedom so that their lives are free from worries.

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Money Management with Debt Consolidation

piling up debtIt can be difficult to manage all your bills each month, especially if they come from various credit groups, and they have different payment terms. If you add your monthly expenses to the mix, you may find yourself unable to keep up with these bills and end up missing due dates.

Debt consolidation allows you to compact all your debts into one single debt. All the debts you have from various credit groups will be consolidated into one big debt so that you will only pay one bill monthly, and it has a low-interest rate. Many people go for this solution, especially if they have credit card bills and loans.

If you are getting debt consolidation done, you will be taking out a loan that will help you pay your creditors and focus on paying that one debt. Others can do this by using a balance transfer credit card, which has a 0% interest for a certain period so that people can pay off their credit card bills. The monthly payment for this solution is lower thanks to its low-interest rate, and you only have to remember one payment date per month.

Here at Optimal Debt Solutions, we can explain to you how debt consolidation works and even offer you our advice as to what other alternatives we can recommend to you. We will speak to your creditors directly and sort out a solution that will work for both parties. Once an agreement is reached, we will work with you to pay it off and help you revive your financial rating in the process.

Debt Settlement vs. Consolidation

The speed in which you get financial freedom from your debts depends on the debt management program you will use to achieve it. If you are looking for the fastest way to do it, debt settlement is the way to go.

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In debt consolidation, you are still in debt despite it helping you consolidate your debt into one big bill. You will still pay the money you owe, but the terms are not relaxed to help you do it. The best way to make a dent in your balance is by paying in advance or increasing your monthly payments. You may also spend more than five years to pay everything in full, which may become longer if you get more debt.

With debt settlement, you can work with your creditors in agreeing in a new payment plan which you can work with. Our team will sit down with you to understand your spending habits and your existing debts. We will help you sort out your budget to ensure that you can pay your debts on time. This solution also opens opportunities for you to pay off your debts faster than before.

Take Control Of Your Finances

Debt Settlement Experts

When you reach out to us for your financial independence goals, you won’t have any trouble in keeping up with the process because it only takes four steps:

1. Everything begins with our Free Evaluation. It will be done by a certified Debt Specialist who will review your situation and create a workable financial program that can help you pay your debts more efficiently. The plan can even help you start saving!

2. We will create a personalized debt reduction plan that matches your financial status and need. We will collaborate with other specialists in the company to see what is available and guide you through the program. You will even get access to an online portal where you can check your progress, read finance-related content, and reach out to your debt specialist.

3. Once we have agreed on a plan to reduce your debt, we will start reaching out to your creditors to sort out a new plan for you. Thanks to our experience and knowledge, we can negotiate properly to get the best settlement for you.

4. With the online portal, you can reach out to your debt specialist to help you keep track of your progress. They will also ensure that you can get a debt-free life with the help of the resources they will recommend for you to try out.

Ready to give yourself freedom from financial responsibilities? Contact our team to see how we can help you with your financial problems.

Boyne City Debt Settlement Company

Boyne City Debt Consolidation optimal logoOur Boyne City debt consolidation experts are always ready to help any Boyne City resident to achieve their financial goals. Whether you are hoping to pay your bills on time or sort out your financial security for a long time, we can find a solution that will work for you.

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