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Lanse Debt Relief Program

debt settlement advisorWith great debt comes great difficulty. Everyone comes across a financial crisis once in their lives, but doing something to alleviate yours is better than drowning yourself with the burden. When you cannot handle the stress of the amount of money you owe to your creditor, debt relief may be the only solution to avoid bankruptcy or lose your home and properties. Optimal Debt Solutions is the best Lanse debt relief program company to ask for help from.

Devastating debts may arise from sudden life happenings such as medical crisis, unemployment, natural disasters, or piling up of small dues resulting in huge debt. When it reaches the point of creditors and agencies pressing you to pay immediately, remember to breathe and decide wisely. You might end up selling properties to compensate debts not worthy of it, causing you bigger loss.

You must prioritize secured debt (e.g., house plan payment) than unsecured debt (e.g., hospital bills). Do not use your retirement savingsโ€”or savings of any kindโ€”to pay such unsecured debts. Doubt yourself when you plan to borrow money from your employment account, for it may generate a tax bill when you lose the job.

Being pressured by debt collectors must not be a reason to make the wrong decisions. When youโ€™re already too caught up with every list on the way, take advice from credible people about your situation.

In Optimal Debt Solutions, we offer you a rational and feasible way out of your financial problems. We can help you reduce, pay affordably, and eventually get over your debt. Our experts can negotiate your lender for a lower interest rate, lessen the money owed, or extend your deadline.

Letโ€™s begin defusing your load.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (313) 488-3144 for a free financial consultation with our Lanse debt relief experts now.

Types of Debt Relief: Pick the Proper Lever

repaired piggy bank- debt relief helpDebt relief comes in five major types. Whatever system it takes, it shares the common goal of stopping your turmoil, confusion, and anxiety. Here are your options for speeding up to debt freedom:

Credit counseling

Our counselors are experts at budgeting and providing this service for free. This is intended to help you avoid bankruptcy. We will guide you on the right thing to do when approaching your creditors about settlement and payment plans. Since your situation is different from others, having someone to listen to and understand you is important rather than directly prompting to generalize procedures.

Debt consolidation

This type is best if you are overwhelmed with credit card debt. We can merge all your unsecured debts (e.g., credit card bills) and consolidate them into a single payment or one management program. Debt consolidation cleans up different monthly bills from several card companies and multiple deadlines. This is highly effective on debts eating high-interest rates.

Two forms of debt consolidation are making a loan and signing up for debt management. It is our job to work out whatโ€™s best for you.

Debt management

Our team will work with lenders on your behalf to decrease the interest rate on your debt and reduce the monthly payment to an amount you can afford. This may also include lessening or halting penalties. This is a part of the debt consolidation plan, which aims to congest multiple unsecured debts.

This type of relief program will help you become organized and punctual with your bills and payments, thus keeping collectors from calling you from time to time.

Debt settlement

We will do our mightiest to negotiate with your creditors to settle a debt for less than what you borrowed. Although you can do this yourself, it is better to be backed by people who are not intimidated by debt collectors and experienced in sparking money bargains. This may take longer than the other options, but the endgame will provide real savings and a chance to start over.


When worst comes to worst, and the other four wonโ€™t work, this is your last option. Bankruptcy is a court proceeding in which your assets and liabilities will be examined. The judge and court trustee will decide whether to discharge the debts and to end legal rights to creditors from collecting money.

Contact us to know the right steps or when you are eligible to file bankruptcy. This option will give the best lesson not to repeat money-owing-mistakes.

Be reminded of the fact that not all debt-relief programs work for every consumer. Your consistency, resources, goals, and commitment will contribute to the success of each program. We want you to be comfortable with the requirements and responsibilities concerning the debt-relief program you select. By then, we are at your side throughout the process.

Bonafide Lanse Debt Relief Program Company

debt consolidationMost of the time, when you wary yourself with the overwhelming numbers on your credit, you may jump easily to offers of help without distinguishing between legitimacy and scamming. There are countless individuals or organizations who may just ride the opportunity of someone in distress. Beware of advertisements where others claim they can resolve or remove your debt while asking money as a welcome service. Some might help at the beginning, but you may just end up getting scammed.

Proven by a long list of satisfied customers, here at Optimal Debt Solutions, we have served for years with the sincerest objective to help. We have been armed with sufficient expertise and wise judgments over your matters. Our trained debt experts have enough qualifications to settle your financial problems.

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Lanse Debt Relief Program optimal logoOptimal Debt Solutions works with the utmost professionalism and systematic plans. We are your most trusted, reliable, and time-tested friend. Give your specifics now, and your debt solution will be customized accordingly.

Letโ€™s begin defusing your load.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (313) 488-3144 for a free financial consultation with our Lanse debt relief experts now.