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Northville Medical Debt Relief

An emergency trip to the hospital is already a big problem in itself. After undergoing a painful and probably terrifying medical procedure to save your life, Optimal Debt Solutions knows that the last thing you want to worry about would be large hospital bills.

Medical Debt Relief

If you are in debt due to unexpected hospital expenses, make sure to talk to our Northville medical debt relief experts and get some immediate help.

Nobody wanted to be in grave medical debt. A sudden accident, illness, or unforeseen surgery can certainly affect your household’s budget, and you need professional help to handle your liability.

It’s important to know that many people are also struggling with medical debt. Optimal Debt Solutions has even served a lot of borrowers already since the foundation of our company several years ago. Our debt relief experts have helped and satisfied each of these clients, making our track record a shining proof that we are the best Northville, MI medical debt relief service provider out there.

Whether you are concerned about the hospital bills, doctor’s fee, or payment to your medical care provider, Optimal Debt Solutions has a professional team seasoned through years of experience and knowledge to help you out. We know every possible debt relief option you can take, and we will guide you through the process that’s appropriate for your situation.

All you have to do is give us a call, and we will immediately help you out in making your way to a debt-free life.

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Medical Debt Relief Options

The following are the different approaches you can choose from to relieve yourself from all your medical debts:

medical debt relief options

Medical Debt Negotiation

Because hospitals and doctors lose money when medical debts end up in collections, they are more likely willing to have a deal with you if you directly negotiate with them. You need to determine the amount of money you can afford to pay monthly and ask if they have a payment plan that will work well. If you’re insured, you may also try asking for an insured patient’s rate.

Medical Debt Consolidation

Understand that no medical bill carries an interest. Medical debt consolidation, an option aiming to lower the interest rate you will pay, is only a good choice if you paid your medical bills with your credit card. That means that if you consolidate your medical debts, it’s just consolidating your credit card debts.

Qualifying for Medicaid

If your income is considerably low and insufficient, Medicaid can provide you with free insurance or one that has reduced costs. To qualify for this, your income and assets will be a significant factor.

Every state has varying requirements for Medicaid eligibility. Generally, if you earn below the Supplemental Security Income program’s standard, having a total monthly earning of less than $2,250, you can qualify.

Additionally, your assets should be less than $2,000, or $3,000 if you’re married, in cash and savings. Your house, car, and other personal properties are not part of the equation.

Reviewing Medical Invoices

repaired piggy bank- debt relief helpIf you want to reduce your medical bill, checking for discrepancies will prove helpful. Overcharging, double-billing and other errors in your invoices will significantly lower your medical debt if they are found and corrected.

To make sure your medical bills are accurate, Optimal Debt Solutions will help you!

Asking for a Good Payment Plan

Despite having insurance, all your deductibles and other fees may still be huge that you can’t fully pay your medical debts in a lump sum. To make it easier, you should ask that your bill be divided into equal monthly payments for a certain period.

Filing for Bankruptcy

A study from the American Journal of Medical Health back in 2019 revealed that medical debts heavily influence almost 67% of bankruptcy. Although your medical debts will be easily cleared by filing for bankruptcy, remember that it will reflect on your credit report for a decade and will tremendously ruin your credit score.

Seeking Help from the Government

Low-income patients are entitled to financial assistance from nonprofit hospitals. It is best to check if you are eligible for the benefit of having reduced medical bills.

Northville Medical Debt Relief Amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic

All around the world, the Coronavirus has been wreaking havoc that affects all aspects of a person’s life. If your family has been infected, your finances are more affected by hospital bills plus the fluctuating state of economy.

debt consolidation

Together with some states, the federal government has imposed certain measures to prevent bigger damages from the medical and financial emergency brought about by COVID-19. This is done to protect the people from aggressive, financially-draining debt collection in these trying times.

The federal law requires health insurance plans to waive the cost-sharing factor of certain coronavirus-related services, like getting tested. Some states even urge insurance providers to extend the coverage further. In Northville, MI, comprehensive insurance plans are particularly required to impose lower-cost share for treatments and provide early refill for prescribed medications.

Reliable Northville Medical Debt Relief Experts

We know that after a complicated medical procedure, you deserve to focus on your recovery and not worry about a ridiculous amount of medical debts you soon have to empty your bank accounts for.

debt settlement advisor

Optimal Debt Solutions is here to help ensure you get medical debt assistance!

We have a team of Northville medical debt relief experts who will assess your financial situation, educate you on the terms you should follow, the options you can take, and the plan you should stick to. We will even negotiate on your behalf if that is what’s necessary for your circumstances.

After years of serving the state of Northville, we have acquired ample experience to become practically the best in the field. Our knowledge and skills have been sharpened by practicing our craft. We already mastered how to provide medical debt relief to borrowers under different circumstances. Whatever your situation is, we can certainly find the most suitable debt relief option to finally get that financial freedom you deserve.

Once you choose to work with us, all you have to do is trust that you will be debt-free soon enough and prepare your settlement fee. Optimal Debt Solutions values our business ethics above anything else; that is why no upfront nor add-on fees will be required from you upon availing our services.

With us, rest assured that you won’t have to pay for a consultation, a sign-up, or administrative fees. Optimal Debt Solutions will only ask for a reasonable settlement fee after assisting you in acquiring medical debt relief. We do this while ensuring that all your accounts will be personally handled by our debt relief experts and won’t just be passed on to another company.

From beginning to the end of your Northville medical debt relief process, Optimal Debt Solutions will ensure that we will assist you with the utmost professionalism and meticulousness.

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Northville Medical Debt Relief optimal logoIf not properly taken care of, debt can be the reason for your household’s financial doom. If it’s due to medical emergencies you were not prepared for, handling it alone can be extremely difficult.

Fortunately, you don’t have to do this all by yourself. We are here to help!

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