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Auburn Hills Medical Debt Settlement

Medical debts are a common financial dilemma for many people. Average health insurance plans are still not enough to completely prevent a person from accumulating medical debts. If you are concerned about the huge amount of money you owe to medical groups, secure our Auburn Hills medical debt settlement services now at Optimal Debt Solutions.

Michigan medical debt settlement

We know that you didn’t ask for your burdensome medical bills. You didn’t plan to cripple your household budget and spend money on costly surgeries or recover from an accident. That is why our professional medical debt settlement experts are on a mission to clear you of your debts and make financial recovery a bit easier without the feeling of doom looming over your head.

Optimal Debt Solutions is experienced when it comes to assessing various debt problems and coming up with the best possible solutions to settle your debts. You can avail of our end-to-end service anytime you want. From the free consultation until the successful medical debt settlement, you can trust that our team will thoroughly help you achieve financial freedom.

Do not worry about upfront fees or unreasonable add-on fees. We don’t ask for those things. Just give us a call, and we will help you become debt-free as soon as possible.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (313) 488-3144 for a Free Consultation with a Auburn Hills medical debt settlement expert now!

Things to Do Before Medical Debt Settlement

One can opt for medical debt settlement if the debt is not in collections yet. To prevent it from getting there, you can do the following things and clear your debts easier and earlier:

piling up debt

Look for any error in your medical bill.

Make sure that there aren’t discrepancies in the report that caused inflation to your bill. Look for any possible double-billing and overcharging. Also, check that you have received all the procedures listed in your bill.

Find a suitable payment plan.

If your medical debt is too high that you can’t settle it with one payment, you can go to your doctor’s office to ask for a payment plan that can fit well with your finances. This way, you can pay in small installments while ensuring that your bill won’t become a medical debt in collections.

Negotiate for a lower bill.

Do not be reluctant to ask for a lower price for the medical services you received. Directly negotiate with your healthcare provider and explain why your situation requires a more affordable medical bill. You may negotiate for a lower one-time payment or ask for a more flexible and achievable payment plan with a reduced amount.

How Medical Debt Settlement Works

debt relief optionsIf you choose to go for medical debt settlement, this means that you will negotiate with your creditors and convince them to settle with a lower payment than your existing medical debt balance.

Although you may do this on your own, hiring an expert negotiator will more likely yield a favorable debt settlement agreement.

This is how a Auburn Hills medical debt settlement will go down:

1. You will stop paying monthly and instead deposit money to a special account you will control.

2. Once you deposited enough money into that account, Optimal Debt Solutions will negotiate with your creditors on your behalf for a debt reduction.

3. After we settle your debt and you pay the agreed amount in the medical debt settlement, your bills are considered fully paid.

4. Only when everything is cleared for you will we then ask for our reasonably-priced service fee.

Auburn Hills Medical Debt Settlement Experts

debt settlement advisorWhenever you find yourself dealing with an absurd amount of medical debts, do not wait until it drags your whole financial stability down to the ground. Remember, Optimal Debt Solutions is always just a call away from helping you clear your debts.

We have a team of Auburn Hills medical debt settlement experts that is always ready to look into your account and assess your specific situation. We have been doing this for a long time, and we have acquired the skills to come up with the most efficient solutions to your debt problems.

With our extensive experience, knowledge, and dedication, Optimal Debt Solutions assures that you will get your medical debt settled as soon as possible. It is our sole aim to relieve you of your debts through meticulous analysis and impressive negotiation skills. We will personally ensure that your medical debts will be properly handled from the beginning until the end of the settlement process.

And you know what’s even better? Our services are available without any upfront nor add-on fees!

We offer free consultations and won’t ask for any signing or administrative fees. All you have to think about is the settlement fee at the end of a successful process. That’s a good deal you shouldn’t miss!

Free Consultation with a Debt Settlement Expert

Auburn Hills Medical Debt Settlement optimal logoOptimal Debt Solutions understands that uncontrollable things happen. Sustaining injuries require medical attention and demand more money for every health service. Aside from that, if you have or a family member has an existing medical condition, all the more that you will end up with high medical debts.

Work with the professionals and start your journey to a debt-free life today.

Call Optimal Debt Solutions at (313) 488-3144 for a Free Consultation with a Auburn Hills medical debt settlement expert now!